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Juli is a well-established artist who has been painting for over 18 years, selling many original pieces that combine poppet, emotions, abstracts, and facets of her personality.

Juli is also dedicated to interior design so she can adapt each work to each space to make it simply unique and special. Take the essence of each client and space to paint a piece that fits your life's dynamics.

Whenever you look at a piece, it should bring you happiness and sharing my years of experience with various techniques. It should transport you to a world of movement and colors you will always want to return to.

Oils, inks, and acrylics are used in her paintings. Her works have been sold worldwide since 2004, but she actually lives in Miami and works in Argentina.

Most pieces are made according to each client's request or to a specific size, so she travels to different places to paint them.
A personalized touch to your space!
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